Behaviour Support

Specialist positive behaviour support NDIS

Positive behaviour support focuses on understanding and improving a person’s life, particularly where they have been showing challenging behaviours. Our aim is to understand why a person is behaving in this way and work out how the person’s needs can be met without using challenging behaviours.
Positive Behaviour Support aims to analyse challenging behaviours and identify what is causing them. We use this information to build a plan, with goals that are linked to the person’s individual needs. We will then use this behaviour support plan to work out strategies that can help address the behaviour, rather than simply punishing it.

A positive behaviour support plan might help by:

  • Helping the person be understood through learning communication strategies
  • Changing aspects of the person’s environment, i.e. In their home to make them feel at ease
  • Improving the person’s lifestyle to add community connections, and ensure they have access to activities that they find fun
  • Ensuring the person has meaningful and positive relationships with others
  • Providing an encouraging, fun and understanding support environment

Positive Behaviour Support works for all types of challenging behaviour, from children to adults.

Improved relationships, skill development, positive behaviours, and increased independence are all benefits that can be seen from a Positive Behaviour Support plan.

Restrictive practices are practices that restrict a person’s individual freedom. We strongly avoid the use of restrictive practice, unless it is absolutely necessary to keep someone safe or protect them from harm.

Our NDIS behaviour support practitioners work with the person, their family members and support team to develop and implement strategies that work. We are also able to train support workers to understand how to work with people who require positive behaviour support.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) recognises positive behaviour support as an important part of a person’s plan. Our experienced team are able to provide services that will meet NDIS requirements to ensure your loved one is receiving the best behaviour support services.