Short Term Accommodation/Respite

Respite and accommodation when you need it

Short Term Accommodation, including respite, provides participants with funding for support and lodging when participants need a brief period away from their usual home.

It covers care costs in an alternative location living for up to 14 days at a time. Participants can stay with others or alone. This option is often funded when your regular caregivers are unavailable or to allow you to experience new activities.

Short Term Accommodation may suit your needs if your usual support network isn’t available for a short period and can include:

  • Personal care
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Activities you and the provider agree to.


If Short Term Accommodation is required, the NDIS Commission can grant each eligible participant up to 28 days of accommodation per year, depending on the care required. They can also fund other supports if you need longer term accommodation support – Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) or other supports, depending upon your support needs.

At Circle of Hope, we offer a range of Short Term Accommodation and Respite options for our participants who require extra support in order to help you live independently and for you to enjoy the things you love most.

If you need short term out of home care, please contact us and one of our friendly staff so we can figure out the best course of action that suits you. If you require more information, contact us, or visit the NDIS website.