Specialised supported employment

Securing employment is an essential step in becoming independent.

Aside from the financial benefits, engaging in this endeavour will afford you invaluable life and social skills. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with new individuals, foster confidence, shoulder greater responsibilities, and open doors to further personal growth.
Supported Employment Services is available for NDIS participants who require extra support finding and/or keeping jobs, or transitioning between jobs. When you add this to your plan, you have greater employment assistance than is typically provided by employers, either alone or with the help of Disability Employment Services. Additionally, participants can also explore opportunities with an Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) for further employment options and support.
  • Disability Employment Service: The Disability Employment Service offers specialized support for individuals with disabilities, enabling them to access tailored services and find suitable employment. This promotes inclusion and helps participants achieve their employment goals.
  • Employment Goals: Through these programs, individuals receive structured support to set and attain employment goals that align with their skills and interests. This fosters personal growth and a sense of accomplishment.
  • Career Planning: Specialized supported employment also facilitates career planning, empowering individuals to envision and navigate a clear path toward their desired profession. This not only prepares them for the job market but also instils a sense of purpose and direction.
  • Personal Care: These programs prioritize personal care, ensuring a safe and comfortable work environment for each individual. This significantly enhances their work performance, job satisfaction, and overall well-being. 

Supporting your professional journey

Self-employment is another potent avenue that can be explored to support people with disabilities in their professional journeys. It embodies the essence of open employment, granting individuals the freedom and flexibility to operate on their own terms and at their own pace. This can often be an empowering choice as it allows them to leverage their unique strengths, build confidence, and foster independence. The right support systems, like those from NDIS, help navigate the complexities of self-employment, providing necessary skills and emotional support for success.

The NDIS also offers School leaver employment supports, an essential service that assists young individuals with disabilities in their transition from school to work, equipping them with the necessary skills and confidence to secure meaningful employment.

Australian Disability Enterprises play a vital role in supporting NDIS participants, providing not just job opportunities but also a welcoming, inclusive work environment where individuals can thrive personally and professionally.

To access the optimal level of supported employment services, it is essential to understand and effectively utilise supported employment funding available through the NDIS.