Our aim is not only to transport you from ‘A to B’, but to be a part of your journey

We offer necessary support with transportation which enables social and community participation.

Transportation is an important part of everyday life.

Transport services include shopping, medical appointments, social activities and other community access trips. We provide safe, reliable, secure transport assistance to ensure a comfortable journey for you and your carers.

We understand that the level of transport assistance required for each person is unique, and we work closely with you to ensure your individual needs are met. Our team can provide advice on a range of transport options including taxis, community transport services, hire cars, and other suitable transport methods.

We also offer public transport support so that you can travel independently with the help of an NDIS transport provider. We will take you where you need to go when you need it. So let us take care of the journey and make it an enjoyable one for everyone involved! Our team is dedicated to providing you with a pleasant and comfortable journey every time.

Our aim is not only to transport you from a to b but to be a part of your journey. Our NDIS transport providers are able to offer support to enable our participants to travel independently by teaching and advising them on how to use public transport effectively in order to make their journey easy and comfortable.

We can provide you with safe and comfortable NDIS transportation with a well-trained licensed driver in one of our disability vehicles, or one of our well-trained support workers can accompany you on trains, buses and other forms of transportation to help you get to:

  • School or another educational facility Work 
  • Your doctor or other medical appointments 
  • Your local shopping centre 
  • Around your community 


We offer mobility solutions for those who need assistance with their journey. Our specialized transport service caters for people with complex needs who require additional assistance while travelling or are confined to wheelchairs/beds. Wheelchair-accessible vehicles, adapted cars and drivers are available. All our vehicles are regularly checked and maintained in accordance with legal requirements. By working with local disability service transport providers and allied health professionals we ensure that your travel needs are met.

With National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), you can choose services that best suit your needs and goals, including how these services are delivered. They can be tailored to your specific requirements as your needs change. A participant will be able to access funding for transport through the NDIS.

We offer services and advice to help you in this process. NDIS transport funding takes into account any relevant taxi subsidy scheme, and it does not cover transport assistance for carers to transport their family member or friend.

Please contact us and our lovely staff will be happy to assist you.